The Translator

My name is Caroline Varella Gonsioroski, and I am an English and Brazilian Portuguese Translator and Proofreader. Welcome to my website! May you request more information about me, please continue navigating or contact me on any of the options listed on the ‘Contact’ page.


What does it mean to be a translator?

I believe in the integration and inclusion of cultures. Translation for me is about helping people to understand each other and bring cultures together. More than a profession, to be a Translator is a fundamental activity because we help people by reducing the walls and boarders that languages impose.

My experience 

I have experience working with legal documents, but also knowledge of Human Nutrition and special interest in other cultures. Having also worked in the architecture course, I am familiarised with this area. I started with a Nutrition degree and changed for Translation, Portuguese and English. Being a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, I have been living in Ireland for three years, where I acquired fluency in the English language and three General English certificates. Having acquired a Italian certificate in Milan, I am also adventuring myself in this language. I will translate from and into English and Brazilian Portuguese. Nevertheless, I have also experience translating into the language pairs English-Spanish, European Portuguese-English and Brazilian Portuguese-Italian. 


I am a reliable and responsible Translator who will give you a reasonable price based on the word counting of your document. May you have a document that needs to be translated, you can send it to my personal e-mail, where I will analise your file myself without the interference of third parties, and always maintaining a professional discretion.

If you wish to know a little better about my work, you can also consult my Facebook page and a send me a message there.


A professional translation requires time to be done and finalised. Most people do not see the importance of the document being deeply checked by a second Translator, because of time and money manners. However, even the most experienced Translator may commit small mistakes. We must always remember we are not dealing with machines or computerised translation, but human beings. Proofreading in theory is a faster job than translating, but as important as. It is basically about reading the translated document all over again, as many times it is necessary, comparing it to the original and looking for typos, misspelling and grammar mistakes.

Knowing about this dislike of some companies about this process in translation and aware of the unreasonable charges some Translators might ask for this job, I always give a fair price for my proofreading. I proofread only from and into my mother tongue, which is Brazilian Portuguese, in order to maintain the high quality level of the translation. If you have doubts about proofreading prices, do not hesitate in contacting me on


I am located in Dublin, Ireland.

If you have questions about my work experience or prices, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I can send references, my resume and phone number if requested.




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